You’ve Got Sexy, Swingin’ Neighbors In Des Moines

According to The Seattle Times, 'Nonah Elliston and Regan Lane-Smith hosted frequent sex parties at their Des Moines home. Many visitors sunbathed and swam nude in the back yard.'The Seattle Times has an interesting article today about a couple in neighboring Des Moines who’ve had their home-based swingers sex parties shut down by the city.

Apparently neighbors complained, cops “investigated” (undercover perhaps? or should we say undercovers…) then the city threatened them with a $513 per day fine for “running a business from their home.”

They called their ongoing sex parties the “Hardwood Cabin” and promoted it online at, which of course is no longer active (we know you’re going to check it but trust us, there’s nothing there now but an “Account suspended” notice but we’ll wait while you copy and paste the URL in…).

Okay, done checking it now?

On the bright side – at least we now know what the source of those strange sounds were that were emanating from south of NP.

Full story here.

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