$60K Settlement For Normandy Park Tasering

According to The Seattle Times, a federal jury awarded $60,000 to a 53-year-old accountant who got tasered by our own Normandy Park police after he tried to talk to the police chief about being treated “rudely.”

The victim, an accountant named Kevin Bonner, was tasered by Normandy Park Detective John Lievero, who, according to the decision, used “excessive force” as well as conduct considered “malicious, oppressive, or in reckless disregard” of his civil rights at the Normandy Park police station in April 2005.

This begs the question, and we don’t mean to make fun of this situation as we know how dangerous tasers are (feel free to respond in Comments below or email us):

Would you willingly be tasered if the reward was $60K?

The full story is here.

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