Our Latest Advertiser: Highline Athletic Club!

The Normandy Park Blog would like to welcome its latest Advertiser: Highline Athletic Club!

You know how lucky we are to have the Highline Athletic Club in the area? It’s just been named as #10 on About.com’s Top 10 Athletic Clubs in the Seattle area, and guess what readers: #s1-9 are in Bellevue & Seattle. As a matter of fact, after 21 years in Burien, HAC is still the only club that has a pool (heated to 84 degrees) and a gymnasium where members can play basketball or the very popular pickle ball. It also has a Pilates Reformer Studio, which you won’t find in the south end, except of course at the Highline Athletic Club.

HAC General Manager Dona Forester.

BTB recently sat down with General Manager Dona Forrester to find out what’s so special about HAC. Dona’s been with the club for 16.5 years and GM for 10.5 years. She drives in every day from Maple Valley…so you know she’s gotta love her job at the club. Why? Because HAC has fantastic owners, great staff & clientele and offers a first-class facility.

Dona, an avid marathoner, has run in 12 marathons – 4 of them being the Boston Marathon. That’s why it makes sense for Dona to train prospective marathoners for the upcoming June Rock ‘N’ Roll Seattle Marathon. Training for the ½ marathon & full marathon will begin in February. This program is available for members and non-members. For more information email her at [email protected]. Haven’t heard of this marathon? It will be held on Saturday June 27th and will become a SeaFair signature event and will help kick-off this summer festival. The route starts in Tukwila and will feature 70 live bands and finish at Qwest Field. Will Dona be running? The verdict is still out.

In the BTB tradition, we ran through a personal exercise routine with personal trainer Karen S. on some of the equipment—after stretching, of course. Luckily for us, each new membership comes with three sessions with a personal trainer. This particular session focused on the outer body (joint and leg and arm muscles), next we’ll work on those (hopeful) washboard abs, or the inner body.

If the equipment doesn’t suit your needs, there are over 50 “GroupX” classes. These Body Training System classes have been carefully designed to deliver simple, fun and effective social exercise experiences independent of barriers like gender, age or fitness levels.

At Highline Athletic Club, Dona and her staff are continually creating new ways to help members gain a lean and healthier body. New this January (starting January 19) is “4 Weeks 4 Ways” which is a diet and exercise program meeting once each week for four weeks. Participants will explore four popular diet plans. They will take the “best of the best” from each diet and exercise program that fits their lifestyle needs. Expect to receive recipe tastings, recipes, weekly plan education and personal calorie and exercise calculations.

For more information, contact Deb at [email protected] or call the club at 206-246-9000. This program is available to members and non-members.

If you feel that time has come to join a gym, Dona feels that before you make the decision check out what the club provides:

  • Is the location convenient?
  • Is it clean?
  • Does it offer everything you want?
  • Are you comfortable in the environment?
  • Is the staff friendly?
  • Are the trainers educated?
  • Do they offer assistance in getting you started?
  • How busy are the areas you want to use during your workout time?
  • Does it have a variety of amenities to choose from like a gym, swimming pool, steam/sauna, Jacuzzi, indoor running track, showers and lockers?

To visit the Highline Athletic Club, simply stop in and they will be happy to show you the facility, located at 125 South 156th in Burien (see map below). If you’d like to set up a specific time or would like to try the club on a free guest pass email Dona at [email protected] to set an appointment.

Join by the end of January for ZERO enrollment fees (regularly $140-$200). Dues are month to month, no contract, no sales pressure.

This is an exceptional offer from the friendly folks at HAC – stop by and see them, or click their Ad to check out their website.

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