Stewards Of The Cove Work Party Is Saturday

Photo Courtesy NP Community Club

Are you a fan of the Normandy Park Cove, even though you’re not necessarily an owner of an “A Lot”?

This Saturday, March 14th, is your first opportunity of 2009 to show your love by volunteering for the first Stewards of the Cove work party.

It starts at 9am and goes until Noon,  with various activities to care for the area along Miller/Walker Creeks where they meet the Sound in Normandy Park.

Sign up with Tony Cassarino, 206-246-9941.

More info from the Normandy Park Community Club website:

Stewards of the Cove are needed to preserve and protect Miller and Walker Creeks and the restoration work accomplished by the Stream Team in 2004. This involves the removal of invasive plants, caring for new native plants for the first year, protecting the salmon spawning areas, protecting streamside vegetation and maintaining water quality.

We can all be Stewards of the Cove on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Join your neighbors and together enjoy the natural wonder of the Cove. Stay for as long as you can (one hour of stewardship per month per household is a lot of tender loving care for the Cove).

The most recent work by the Stewards of the Cove has been the Stream & Wetlands Restoration Project.

Click here for details and pictures.

Why Good Stewardship Matters
Whether you live near or far from Miller and Walker Creeks, good stewardship of our land and water carries multiple benefits:

  • Healthier home and yard for children and pets
  • Cleaner water in our streams and at Puget Sound beaches
  • Less flooding and erosion
  • Healthy urban forests and green spaces

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