City Seeking Volunteers For Parks District Committees

On July 14th, the Normandy Park City Council passed Resolution No. 817 which will place a ballot proposition on the November 2009 election asking Normandy Park voters to determine if a Metropolitan Parks District should be formed in Normandy Park for the purpose of operating and managing parks and recreation programs. A Metropolitan Parks District is a junior taxing district, similar to a fire district, sewer district or water district.

The Council is seeking volunteers to be appointed to the pro and con committees for producing statements that advocate either an approval or rejection of the ballot measure that will be published in the general elections voter’s pamphlet, as well as having the opportunity to write a rebuttal statement. Selection of committee members will take place at the Regular City Council meeting on August 11, 2009. Each committee will have a very limited time to meet and process each required task – first to select a spokesperson by August 13th and then submit the voter’s pamphlet statement by August 19th. The optional rebuttal statement is due August 21st.

Interested persons must submit contact information indicating the desire to serve on the pro or con committee no later than August 5th to:

Normandy Park City Hall
801 SW 174th Street
Normandy Park, WA 98166

You can also fax it to 206-439-8674 or email to [email protected].

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