9-Year Old Boy Catches 150-Pound Shark Nearby

According to The Seattle Times, a 9-year old boy named Cosmo Miller caught a 150-pound sixgill shark while fishing near Normandy Park last week.

The story goes that Cosmo was fishing with his grandfather, Dave Woltz, using a 30-pound test line when he hooked something big. It apparently took him almost an hour to reel the shark in and take some pictures before turning it loose (thank goodness this large shark is still alive, right swimmers? Actually, sixgill sharks are not dangerous to humans…).

Cosmo told the Times that the fish was about 8 feet long, about half the size of the 16-foot boat he was fishing in, and that he had broken two other fishing poles trying to catch one before.

Here’s a pic of Cosmo’s shark the Times used in their story:

Read Susan Gilmore’s full story here.

Previously, our sister site The B-Town Blog did a story on a documentary about sixgill sharks being filmed nearby – read that story here.

Here’s a video of an encounter with one of these puppies:

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