Opening Celebration For Marvista School Is 9/24

Highline Public Schools will be holding a special grand opening celebration for the recently-rebuilt Marvista Elementary School on Thursday, Sept. 24th, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

There will be a short program beginning at 5:45pm, with tours and dinner following; all are invited.

Marvista welcomed its 550 students to their new building on the first day of school on Wednesday, Sept. 9th. The main components of the building – classrooms, lunchroom, and common areas – were completed on time and on budget. Finishing touches, such as landscaping and playfields, will be completed in the next few weeks.

“Our students and staff are so excited about the new building,” said Principal Rebekah Kim. “It provides space for great learning opportunities and for our community to gather – with the school as the centerpiece.”

Marvista, located in Normandy Park, is the twelfth new school to be completed in Highline since 2004. The construction projects have been financed by bonds approved by voters in 2002 and 2006. Prior to 2002, no school construction bond had been approved since 1986. During that 16-year period, the district was unable to replace aging buildings.

“We had a long list of old and outdated schools that needed to be replaced,” said Superintendent John Welch. “We are grateful that the community saw that need and approved the funding to allow us to build schools that are safer and provide the current technology our students need to compete in today’s world.”

Marvista is located at 19800 Marine View Drive SW in Normandy Park.


3 Responses to “Opening Celebration For Marvista School Is 9/24”
  1. NP Advocate says:

    Does this blog do anything more than just shill? Yes the new school is very nice, but the policies for student drop offs and other draconian policies affecting parents accessing the school and not allowing the kids into class when they arrive, etc. from the administration of Marvista is a true sore spot across the entire Normandy Park community. The administration acts like they "own" the school versus the community. Do some research and do something called journalism.

  2. npblog says:

    Since I'm not a parent at this school, I know nothing about their policies. Remember, this is pretty much a 1 or 2-person blog – we don't have the resources to "know everything" yet. So rather than blast us for not doing journalism, why don't you write something for us and we'll post it? We're just trying to serve the community better than the other local media, and if we got tips and story ideas instead of criticism we might do better. I'd love to post a parent's perspective on the draconian policies…so please email me: [email protected] thanks!

  3. kat says:

    It looks like a lovely school. Any chance of it becoming a K-8?

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