Emerald City Smoothie’s Normandy Park Location Shuts Its Doors

On Monday (March 1st) we received an email from Janel Stoneback, announcing that her Emerald City Smoothie store located at the Normandy Park Towne Center had shut its doors.

This store, located at 19803 First Ave South, may have been affected by a number of elements, including recent ongoing construction on First Ave South, the economic recession, as well as a relatively troubled location where other businesses have also faltered.

According to the Normandy Park city newsletter, this ECS location opened in August of 2008.

Far as we know, Janel’s other ECS location near the Burien Safeway, is still open and in business.

While we don’t have the exact details yet (we’re hoping to get more info from Janel soon, which we’ll publish as soon as we receive it), according to Janel’s Facebook Page:

To all my Excellent very supportive customers, friends and business associates, it is with great disappointment we have had to make a decision to close Normandy Park Emerald City Smoothie.

Emerald City Smoothie's Normandy Park location now sits empty.

The inside of the store has been completely cleared out and is ready for the next tenant.

Menus are still visible at ECS's drive-thru window, but don't wait too long for that boost...

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