Former Dairy Queen To Be Remodeled Into Subway Sandwich Shop

The City of Normandy Park’s City Manager’s Report (link, PDF file) says that the former Dairy Queen building, located at 17827 1st Ave South (near QFC), will be remodeled and occupied by a Subway Sandwich shop and probably one other tenant.

According to the report:

The former Dairy Queen building is going to receive a facelift and part of the remodeled building will be occupied by Subway Sandwich.

Plans for the remodel are currently under review by the Community Development Department, but the issuance of a building permit is expected within the next week or two.

The remodeled building will eventually be occupied by two tenants. The photograph to the right below is an architectural concept of the remodeled building.


2 Responses to “Former Dairy Queen To Be Remodeled Into Subway Sandwich Shop”
  1. warrenb says:

    Please read my comments on this story at the B Town Blog.

  2. David says:

    Um…ok…it’s been 4 years. I take it that abandoned building is going to STAY abandoned for good?

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