Last-Minute Agreement Averts Garbage Strike For Normandy Park

Our news partners at The Seattle Times report that union negotiators have reached a tentative agreement with Allied Waste, one of the two garbage collection companies whose labor agreements were set to expire at midnight Wednesday, March 31.

This means that, at least for now, there will be no garbage strike in Normandy Park, since Allied is the provider here.

According to The Times:

Allied Waste Services, which provides trash collection for about 123,000 homes in King and Snohomish counties, confirmed Wednesday evening that a labor pact had been reached.

But the region’s biggest garbage company, Waste Management, which services more than 1 million customers, said its negotiations with 500 union garbage haulers have stalled, increasing the possibility of a garbage-collection strike for its customers across much of King and Snohomish counties starting Thursday.

Waste Management serves the Burien area, and, far as we know, the cityfolk there had no contingency plan. NP’s leaders had a deal where they would lease equipment back from Allied Waste, and, if necessary, have their own public works staff go out and collect garbage.

Read the full story here.

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