Normandy Park’s Shawn McEvoy Running For King County Council

On Thursday (May 20), former Normandy Park Mayor and current city councilmember Shawn McEvoy announced that he’s running for the King County Council seat in District 8, against State Sen Joe McDermott.

This is the seat currently held by Jan Drago, who was appointed last year but is apparently not planning to run again this fall.

Here’s a press release we received from McEvoy’s friend Ian Gunsul:

May 20, 2010

Shawn McEvoy, former Mayor and current City Council member of Normandy Park, citing a strong sentiment from voters for a non-partisan King County Council, announced he is running for the King County Council seat in District 8.

McEvoy’s experience since 2002 as a non-partisan mayor and councilmember in an otherwise politically divided city is proof that non-partisanship works.

By focusing on finding common ground; working together through challenges; communicating, coordinating and cooperating; allows communities to get through the tough issues and focus on the future.

Shawn McEvoy wants voters to know that he is a candidate that is not locked into one party’s ideals and agendas.

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