City Rejects Clearwire’s Application For Cell Tower At City Hall Park

The City of Normandy Park rejected the Clearwire Corporation’s application for a Conditional Use Permit to install a 95-foot wireless communication facility at City Hall Park.

The application was formally rejected during the week of June 14th, after City staff and City Attorney Jim Haney determined that Normandy Park Municipal Code limits the height of wireless communications facilities to 40-feet in public parks.

Clearwire representatives have indicated a desire to meet with City staff to pitch other sites for a wireless communications facility in Normandy Park.

As a result of the rejected application for the City Hall site, the hearing on the SEPA Appeal has also been canceled.


2 Responses to “City Rejects Clearwire’s Application For Cell Tower At City Hall Park”
  1. William Harris says:

    Cell companies have. installed towers (antenna supports) that look like trees. What’s the problem with a 95 ft. look alike tree among the other tall trees in NP?

    A new Cell site located in NP would definitely improve cell phone service as our present service has areas of none to weak reception.

    Would also be a good source of income for the Town. I wouldn’t drag this opportunity out
    as Burien or DesMoines may step up to the table and take the money.

  2. aodhan says:

    I don’t care for or abotu Clearwire, but I get zero coverage where I live across the road from Normandy Park. It’d be great to have /someone/ add a tower in line of sight to where I live. I know I’m not alone in thinking that.

    Yes, the towers can be ugly. So, demand a camouflaged variety.

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