PHOTO FRIDAY: Amateur Radio In The Park

This past weekend, visitors to Marvista Park were treated to the sight of radio equipment, a communications trailer, the quiet hum of small generators and a antenna tower sprouting from the park’s greenery. No, it wasn’t an invasion. In fact, it was the Highline Amateur Radio Club conducting their annual field day exercise.

The purpose of this annual event is to test the ability of local amateur radio operators to respond in case of a regional emergency. When disaster strikes, amateur radio provides a vital link to send and receive information outside of the affected area.

The exercise simulated how radio operators would handle the failure of normal infrastructure by establishing a self-contained communications center in the park and then staffing it for 24 hours straight. Radios and other equipment operated on generator or battery power.

After setting up antennas and radios, operators then practiced their craft by making contact with sites outside of our region using both voice and Morse code. While we were present, contacts were made up and down the West Coast, throughout the Midwest and, as the sun went down and atmospheric conditions improved, the East Coast.

Photographer Michael Brunk visited the communications center, learned a little Morse code and then shot these photos. Adjust your volume and test your own Morse code skills while watching the slideshow!

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