Normandy Park Police Warn Residents About Credit Card Scam

Normandy Park’s Police Department is reporting about a recent credit card scam, where fake cards are being sent out to residents in the mail, marked from “USAA Federal Savings Bank” and promising a $25 credit through PayPal.

Here’s the notice sent out by the police Thursday, July 15:

Normandy Park Police Department recently received information on a new credit card scam.  Names and addresses are being used to issue fake credit cards believed to be designed to defraud Pay Pal, a company specializing in internet money flow.  Cards are issued with the correct name and address of the card holder though social security numbers do not match the name on the card being issued.

Several Normandy Park residents have reported receiving in the mail Visa or Mastercard Credit Cards from USAA Federal Savings Bank.  The card comes with a very real looking account statement showing an internet deposit of $25 to the card. Sounds like a good deal, but the $25 is debited from the card prior to the card actually reaching your mail box.

The residents involved have not lost any money but their names will appear on a paper trail when Pay Pal finds their loss.

Protect yourself.  If you receive one or more of these cards please call Detective Dan Will at Normandy Park Police Department 206-248-7600.  Cancel the card immediately by calling USAA at 800-531-2265.

USAA Federal Savings Bank, a legitimate Financial Institution, is aware of the fake cards. They are currently working with the FBI to resolve the problem.

This is not just a Normandy Park problem. Salem Police have also contacted USAA with the same issue.

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