Normandy Park Hoop Fest Basketball Tournament Is Saturday, July 31st

The First Annual Normandy Park Hoop Fest, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, will be held on Saturday, July 31st at Normandy Park Towne Center.

The event is sponsored by the City of Normandy Park Police Department with generous support from Normandy Park Athletic, Desert Sun, Wayne’s Service Center, Archery Bistro (NPB Advertiser), QFC, Allied Waste and Puget Sound Energy.

The tournament will include up to 16 teams with trophies awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams.

In addition to locals slam dunking over each other, there will also be food and a beer garden.

Registration for Normandy Park Hoop Fest can be completed online at: To download the registration form, click here (PDF file).

Normandy Park Hoop Fest will serve as the kick-off event for “National Night Out,” which is Tuesday, August 3rd.

For more information contact Mary at (206) 248-8256.

Here are the rules:

  1. Each team must register at least three players on or before the date of the tournament. Maximum roster size is four players per team. No additions, deletions and/or changes may be made after a team’s first game has started.
  2. Teams using players not officially registered or using falsified information on rosters will be automatically disqualified from the event. Team captains are responsible and will be held accountable for all information.
  3. The format of the tournament will be determined once all teams have entered. The tournament director reserves the right to change the format based on external events (i.e., inclement weather).
  4. The court monitor will be the official timekeeper/scorekeeper and will be responsible for mediating all disputes. He/she has the right to overturn a call on the court if there is a justified reason to do so. The court monitor’s interpretation of the rules is final. In the event the court monitor cannot solve a dispute, a coin flip will be made to determine the outcome of the dispute.
  5. Physically or verbally threatening or abusing a court monitor is cause for immediate disqualification.
  6. Players and/or teams may be removed from the game at the discretion of the court monitor for abusive behavior, flagrant fouls or rough play. Unruly fans may also be removed from the area.
  7. Teams must be at their court at the scheduled time. A five?minute forfeit time will be strictly enforced.
  8. Each team must start and finish the game with at least two players.
  9. A coin flip at the start of the game will determine first possession.
  10. Successful shots taken from inside the 3?point line will be worth 1 point, while baskets made from outside the line are worth 2 points. Both feet must be clearly behind the line (when the shot is attempted) for the shot to count as two points.
  11. All games are played to 21 points (win by 1) or 20 minutes (running clock), whichever comes first. The tournament director reserves the right to change the number of points and/or time limit due to external events.
  12. If the game is tied after the 20 minutes have elapsed, then the game will be completed with a sudden death playoff. A coin flip will determine possession.
  13. Player substitutions will be permitted on any deadball situation.
  14. The player who is fouled is responsible for calling the foul. The foul must be called immediately in a clear and loud manner and all action must stop. If the player is fouled while shooting and makes the basket, the basket counts (the foul is ignored) and the opposing team takes possession. Otherwise, the team that was fouled retains possession and the ball is checked in as usual.
  15. If a defensive player calls a foul on himself, the offensive team may continue to play even if the defense stops. If the offensive team chooses to stop play when a defensive player calls a foul, then action stops and the ball is checked in as usual.
  16. On the 6th team foul, the player fouled will be awarded the option of shooting a free throw or retaining the possession of the ball, checking it in as usual. If the player elects to shoot a free throw, all other players must stand at least three feet behind the shooter. Regardless if the free throw is made or not, the opposing team takes possession.
  17. If the court monitor rules that a foul was flagrant or meant to cause harm, the player fouled will shoot one free throw and that team will keep possession of the ball. The player called with a flagrant foul will get one warning. Any further flagrant fouls will result in immediate ejection from the game.
  18. Any player(s) involved in fighting or continued misconduct will be disqualified from the tournament and will not be allowed to participate in future tournaments.
  19. An unwritten 30?second shot clock is in effect at all times and may be enforced by the court monitor at his/her discretion. Once the court monitor has announced that the shot clock is in effect, each team has 30 seconds to get a shot off. The shot must make contact with the rim of the basket for the shot clock to be restarted. A defensive foul also resets the shot clock.
  20. There is an imaginary 3?second lane near/under the basket. There is no camping in this lane. “Camping” violations are at the discretion of the court monitor. The court monitor will give a warning. Subsequent infractions will result in loss of possession.
  21. Jump balls always go to the defense. They do not go to the team that yells “first”.
  22. If a ball goes out of bounds and players and the court monitor cannot decide who gets possession of the ball, then a coin flip will decide possession.
  23. The top of the backboard is out of bounds. The sides and bottom of the backboard are in bounds.
  24. Shots that hit nothing (i.e., airballs) which are rebounded by the shooter without anybody else touching the ball is considered traveling and results in a turnover.
  25. Timeouts – one 30?second timeout per team per game is permitted.
  26. The court monitor has the right to make a ruling on any issues that are not covered within these rules.

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