City Warns Residents Of Suspicious Door-To-Door Solicitors

The City of Normandy Park released this announcement Monday about a recent surge in suspicious, unlicensed door-to-door solicitors, and asks that anyone seeing any activity call them at 206-248-7600:

Every spring and summer Normandy Park seems to be a target for mass organized solicitation. The last invasion started July 16th when 40 young, usually college aged, solicitors were dropped off in the City of Normandy Park. These people will go door to door selling magazine subscriptions or just ask for donations from whoever may open the door. In some cases they will use your neighbors name, saying your neighbor Fred told me to stop by, or in one case a young woman actually said she was a neighbor.

We have had recent incidents where solicitors have become very rude and threatening to some Normandy Park residents. Officers have responded to numerous calls as a result of these incidents and have identified many of these solicitors and stopped them. It is important to know that most of these out of state solicitors do not have proper identification and it is difficult to positively identify them. Some of these people are well meaning young adults but many come from unknown backgrounds and are not the kind of people we need wondering around our community knocking on doors and checking out your property.

The City of Normandy Park has an ordinance NP 4.04.010 that prohibits soliciting without a license.  It is appropriate to call the Police when such a person shows up on your door step trying to sell anything to you. You may dial 911 or our office line 206-248-7600 to report door to door solicitors.

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