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Advertiser Piranha Joe’s Has Football and Wine Tastings on Tap for October

Coy Wood, owner of Piranha Joe’s in Burien (and Joe’s boss, BTW) tells us there’s a lot going on at Joe’s next month. He’s got some great football game stuff happening, but first we want to talk about Joe’s newest way of bringing culture and class to the Highline area. That would be Piranha University Wine Classes.

Here’s the details:

What: Piranha University Wine Classes
What: Instruction for locals on how to enjoy and appreciate wine
When: Thursday evenings from 7:30-9, starting on October 14th
Where: Piranha Joe’s, 180 SW 148th, Burien
Why: Because everyone needs to be an expert serving and enjoying wine!
How: $9.95 per class for 4 weeks; 5 wine tasting’s/week plus cheeses and bread

So, did you read this right? For under $10 per week, for four weeks, you can eat bread and cheese, taste five samples of wine and learn about pairing wine and food. Call 206-244-4000 for more info or to register. The class will accomodate up to 30 wanna-be wine connoisseurs.

Yes Piranha Joe’s is teaching you all about wine, and feeding you some light snacks. And when you invest under $40 for four weeks, you’ll have you’re second diploma or maybe you’re first to hang on your wall. Plus you’ll receive a $15 gift card for dinner for two at Piranha Joe’s.

Here’s the class schedule:

  • Wine Tasting #101: Chardonay
  • Wine Tasting #102: “ABC’s “of White Wine, Anything But Chardonnay
  • Wine Tasting #103: “Big Reds” Cabs, Merlot, Sarah
  • Wine Tasting #104: “Whatever’s left” Miscellaenous reds and whites.

And here’s a thought… while the football fan is enjoying ballgames in the bar on Thusday, the wine fan can learn how to drink and appreciate the value of wine. That’s right Joe’s is all over football every time it’s on TV. That would be Saturday, Sunday (day and night), Monday nights and Thursday nights. Joe’s has three whopper sized TV’s to watch the game and a whole bunch of foodstuffs that you can’t get at home–all for $5.

Check it out:

  • Nachos
  • Prime Rib Sliders
  • 9″ Personal Pizza
  • Crisp Potato Skins
  • Chicken Quesailla
  • Prime Rib Chili
  • Bavarian Bratwurst
  • 1/2 Foot of Onion Rings

Then Joe’s has their special “$1.95 Pounders” which are special F-Ball game beers that include Shock Top Belgin Ale, Bud Light and that good ole standby PBR, aka Papst Blue Ribbon.

So the enlightment of your palet and your gullet are on the menu with Piranha U Wine Tasting School and Football special barfood and brewskies. Check it all out at Piranha Joe’s NOW. And finally, don’t forget Sunday Brunch. Here’s a coupon that pays you to bring a date on over for brunch.

Click image to download & print PDF coupon.

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One Response to “Advertiser Piranha Joe’s Has Football and Wine Tastings on Tap for October”
  1. Lisa McMasters says:

    The Good and The Bad

    The Good: Love the food at Piranha Joe’s, interesting menu, amazing hollandaise sauce, and (I think their best attribute) an attentive waitstaff….especially the waitress who serves us at brunch…she is AWESOME 🙂

    The Bad: Last weekend I took a group of 9 to Sunday Brunch to celebrate my birthday. I found the 2 for 1 brunch coupon online, but couldn’t get my printer to work. Since it didn’t have a scan code or anything and was an “online” coupon, I gave up fiddling with the printer so as not to be late. I figured, hey I have a blackberry and it clearly shows the coupon and since I have a large group and they are in the process of establishing themselves in Burien they would most certainly honor the coupon if I showed them the image on the screen of my blackberry. WRONG!!! The manager told our oh-so-sweet waitress to tell me she wouldn’t accept it. The waitress looked a little embarrassed, so I didn’t make a big deal about it, but in this digital age I think not honoring the coupon was poor customer service, after all, we did order nearly $100 dollars worth of food so they would have still made a good profit after knocking off $7 on the bill.

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