Volunteers Needed To Help With Walker Preserve Bridge

Volunteers are needed to help with Normandy Park’s Walker Preserve Bridge, in a project designed to replace the washed-out previous one, which has left Walker Preserve closed since early 2009.

The concrete footing holes have been dug and the concrete forms have been poured.

Additional volunteers are needed to help with this project to help get the concrete pumped across the stream (without getting in the stream!). When the concrete is poured, the next big task will be drilling holes in the steel beams, then transporting them to the site, assembling them and THEN getting them across the creek.

Not able to volunteer? The project team is also looking for the following items to assist with the bridge construction:

  • One, two or three come-alongs
  • A portable winch (powered)
  • A jeep with a winch on it already – we’d drive in from lst Ave.
  • A piece of scrap 3/4″ plywood 2′ or 4′ X 8′ long
  • A furniture dolly

Volunteers are asked to call or email Ron Ebbers at (206) 248-1815 or via email at [email protected].


2 Responses to “Volunteers Needed To Help With Walker Preserve Bridge”
  1. Mike Ziegler says:

    Does anyone know why the speed limit was lowered to 35 between 177th and 160th? Revenue builder for the city?

  2. Mike says:

    Be on guard for mailbox thieves.
    We got hit last week so if anyone finds a bunch of mail in the gutter please let us know. 206-799-0708 Thanks

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