ADVISORY: Chance Of Snow This Weekend & ‘Heavy Snow’ Starting Wed.?

The National Weather Service released a “Special Weather Statement” Friday afternoon (Jan. 7) warning of “snow potential this weekend and in the week to come.”

The weather wonks are saying that a cold and showery air mass will move into western Washington starting Saturday, dropping snow levels to around 1,000 feet. Locations north of Seattle are more likely to see the white stuff this weekend, but in this area, one can never be 100% certain of where the snow will fall.

Then, starting around Wednesday of next week (Jan. 12), there is a potential for a “widespread heavy snow event somewhere in western Washington.” That’s about as specific as they can get this far ahead, and again there is “great uncertainty” about the forecast, and there’s a chance that no snow will fall.

But, since they went to the trouble of releasing this statement we thought it was prudent to share it with you; here it is in its entirety:

Statement as of 2:47 PM PST on January 07, 2011

… Snow potential this weekend and in the week to come…

A cold and showery air mass will spread across western Washington this weekend. Snow levels will fall to 1000 feet on Saturday and then to near sea level or just a couple hundred feet on Sunday morning. In showery patterns… snow accumulations can be highly localized… depending on elevation and how convergence zones decide to form. Locations from Seattle north to the islands and Skagit County would be the most likely places to see accumulating snow… but anywhere stands a chance. Locations that get snow could get a few inches… while many other locations will just get flurries or left out altogether. The character of the event will be similar to the one that happened on December 29th… though the exact location of the heavier snows could very well be different.

Monday and Tuesday of next week will be cold and dry.

Starting Wednesday through the end of next week… there is the potential for a widespread heavy snow event somewhere in western Washington. Great uncertainty inherently exists in a forecast with this much lead time… and it is possible that a heavy snow situation will not happen. Check back late this weekend or by Monday for the latest on this potential high-impact event. If the potential still exists at that time… then the dry weather on Monday and Tuesday would afford an excellent opportunity to prepare.

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