Environmental Science Center Names Winners Of Earth Day Art Contest

ESC Trustee Jacqueline Drumheller, Grand Prize Winner Olivia Gibson,
Teacher Keith Matthews, Principal Michael Fosberg (L to R)

This past Friday (Jan 28) the Environmental Science Center (ESC) presented the grand prize award in their Earth Day Kids Art Contest to a 4th grade student at Marvista Elementary.

The winner, Olivia Gibson, entered a drawing called “Give the world a gift” that showed the life cycle of a seed becoming a tree. In her submission she said, “My picture is about little things like a seed [that] can make big things that can help the earth.”

For winning, Olivia received a collection of gifts and she and her parents will be guests of honor at the ESC Earth Day Celebration in April. Her artwork will also be featured on invitations to the event.

Two additional finalists were also chosen. 6th grader Jessica Hengtgen from St. Francis of Assisi School and 6th grader Rachel Martin, also from St. Francis of Assisi School.

The contest was open to kids ages 5-13. A total of 107 entries were received. The winners were judged by three Burien City Arts Commissioners.

Grand Prize Winner – Olivia Gibson, Marvista Elementary

Finalist – Jessica Hengtgen, St. Francis of Assisi School

Finalist – Rachel Martin, St. Francis of Assisi School

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