Archery Bistro Wins “Best Soup” Award At Burien’s Empty Bowls Fundraiser

The numbers are in from the official tasters on the Burien Empty Bowls team and this year’s “Best Soup” award goes to Archery Bistro for their chicken and bacon soup.

The official “Best Soup” trophy presentation (L to R) John Lasswell – Volunteer Soup Coordinator, Mike Werle – Highline Food Bank, John Braicks – Archery Bistro Chef, Rick Jump – White Center Food Bank, Dana Lasswell – Volunteer Soup Coordinator

Dana and John Lasswell — kitchen managers for Empty Bowls — methodically tasted and rated all of the soups donated for this year’s fundraising event. Each soup was graded for texture, flavor, aroma, appearance and originality with a maximum possible score of 50.

Trophy created by Moshier studio artist Allison Moore (Photo by Allison Moore)

Archery Bistro’s chicken and bacon soup earned a total of 42.5 points:

  • Texture: 8
  • Flavor: 9
  • Aroma: 8.5
  • Appearance: 8
  • Originality: 9

In second place was 909 for their sweet potato and squash soup that earned 42 points, and tied for third were The Mark with their tortilla soup and Mick Kelly’s tomato basil soup, both earning 41.5 points.

For winning this year, Archery Bistro earned the right to display the official “Best Soup” ceramic trophy — created by Moshier studio artist Allison Moore — until next year’s Empty Bowls event.

You can bet that the other area restaurants that donate soup for this fundraiser are going to be planning to take it away from them next time around!

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