Marvista Supporters Put Their ‘Heart And Soul’ Into Auction, Raise $100K

Normandy Park’s Marvista Elementary School held its annual fundraising auction on March 14th, and the event brought in over $100,000, which will directly support the school’s educational programs and activities, as well as important organizations that further the needs of our community.

The theme this year was “Heart and Soul,” and several hundred attended.

“The focus of this annual auction is to provide quality experiences for our students,” said Ashley Fosberg of the Auction Committee. “Whether it be more support for field trips, quality programs in child’s classrooms, parent enrichment or family-centered school functions …you’ll notice the focus is not on “stuff”, but preferably, on what we experience together as a school community. There’s no doubt that our broader community will play an important role in this auction, too.”

One interesting anecdote – Car Pros/Burien Nissan was a corporate sponsor to this year’s event, and Owner/President Ken Phillips raised his family in Normandy Park, and his two sons, Matthew and Nick, attended Marvista. Nick Phillips is now the General Manager at the Car Pros/Burien Nissan along with his long-time friend and Marvista schoolmate, Ryan Reid, who holds the post of Internet Sales Manager.

And according to an email:

Car Pros/Burien Nissan is offering special discounts exclusively to Marvista families – visit or call Ryan Reid at 888-375-5528.

Some of the evening’s highlights included:

  • An organized “Flash mob” by over 50 Marvista supporters throughout our community to kick off the event.
  • Complete sell-out of Golden Tickets, Wine Wall, Lucky Squares iPad Raffle, and One Bid Board.
  • Compelling Marvista Fund-an-Item contributions that will support landmark field trip experiences for each grade level for 2 years.
  • Amazing class basket and art project participation that provided enthusiastic support from our students, teachers, and parents.
  • Overwhelming sales of over 100 beautiful hand blown glass votive centerpieces created by Totally Blown Glassworks.
  • JR. Athlete Clinics, Neighborhood Experience Packages, and Lunch with Principal Fosberg—all opportunities that offered new bidding experiences for our guests.

Also, some limited auction items are still available, and will be on sale on Wednesday, March 30th at 3:30pm, at the Marvista School main entrance. All proceeds continue to support Marvista, including hand-blown glass votive centerpieces, opportunities to attend parent and family adventures, a small selection of silent items, plus a few exclusive items to sell at reasonable prices. They encourage checks as payment.

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