They’re Not Tearing Sylvester Bridge Down Yet – That’s Just Utility Pole Work

On Monday (April 25th), many drivers were forced to take a detour on Sylvester Road near where the deteriorating 1920s-era bridge will be replaced starting in June.

But the detour wasn’t due to construction (or rather, destruction) on the old bridge – it was preliminary work involving utility pole work by Seattle City Light.

Wondering when bridge construction will actually start?

“We won’t have an exact start date until after the bid opening and award of contract is made by King County,” said Normandy Park City Manager Doug Schulze in a recent email. “At this point, it looks like actual bridge construction will start in June. There will be some preliminary work starting anytime between now and mid-May, which will involve utility pole work by Seattle City Light. As soon as we know the start date for construction we will make sure it goes out to as many sources as possible.”

As we’re previously reported, construction on the aging Sylvester Road Bridge is scheduled to begin very soon, and last through December. A complete Detour Plan can be downloaded here (PDF file).

If you have driven along Sylvester Road over the last week, you may (hopefully) have also noticed that two new stop signs have been placed at the intersection of 12th Place SW (where the detour begins) – here are some photos taken by Scott Schaefer, who notes that while he was on site, he saw at least one rather large SUV just blow through the westbound stop sign – so please pay attention:

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