Ex-Councilmember Charlie Harris Appointed To N.P. City Council

Former councilmember Charlie Harris was appointed to the vacant position on the Normandy Park City Council this week, taking over the position previously held by the late George Hadley, who passed away Sunday, May 9th.

Six residents applied for the vacant position, and each candidate was given an opportunity to address lawmakers and then respond to questions from them. Members of the City Council discussed the qualifications of the candidates in an executive session prior to making a decision.

Nominations for two candidates, Harris and Susan West, were made by members of the City Council. Harris received 4 votes on the first ballot, which represented a majority of the City Council. A resolution appointing Harris to the remaining term of Council Position Number 5 was adopted by a unanimous vote of the Council. Councilmembers commented on the quality of all applicants and encouraged each of them to consider open positions on City boards and commissions as well as filing for City Council positions.

Harris is no stranger to local government, having previously served as a member of the Normandy Park City Council from November 1996 through December 2005 and as mayor from January 2000 through December 2002. In fact, Harris’ previous experience as a member of the City Council was an important factor in the decision to appoint him to the position. Harris will serve in the position until a new member is elected to the position in November 2011.

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