Normandy Park Specialty Food Store ‘Benson’s Best Bites’ Bites The Dust

Benson's Best Bites has closed.

Benson’s Best Bites, a specialty food store located in Normandy Park’s Manhattan Village shopping complex (near QFC), has closed.

Open since October 2008, and owned by Ezra and Loie Benson, the closing was unannounced, as far as we know.

A sign taped to the window reads:

Dear Customers:

Thank you! You have been the best part of our business! You are genuinely nice people whose friendship we value. We will miss you!

We’re sorry that we’re not able to continue with our little business.

Have a great summer! We hope to see you around the neighborhood.

Thanks again!
Ezra & Loie Benson

We called the number listed on their website, but it appears to have been disconnected.

Benson’s featured specialty cheeses, fresh baked breads, donuts, pastries and home-style soups along with Saturday specialties of garlic fries, big shrimp, corn dogs and crepes and more.

At one time, they were an Advertiser on the blog as well; here’s some info from their Blogvertorial:

The Benson family’s long-standing fascination with world foods combined with Ezra’s retail history (he managed the advertising and printing for Benson’s Fashions in Des Moines for 35 years) inspired them to open Best Bites in October 2008.

Ezra & Loie are better known for their unique honor-system, treasure-chest business, Boundary Pass Trader’s NW, which they have operated for 15 summers on Stuart Island, a remote island in the San Juan Islands.

According to an email we received from Alan McGuire, Co Owner of BTB Advertiser Lavina Mays, which is located across the street:

Normandy Park is losing businesses like crazy.

Abruzzi’s Pizza, A Perfect Party and now Benson’s.

People need to support their local businesses or they will be gone!


One Response to “Normandy Park Specialty Food Store ‘Benson’s Best Bites’ Bites The Dust”
  1. James says:

    It’s simple economics. Manhattan drug was forced out because lease rates were too high, and the dairy queen has sat vacant for years because of the same problem. This isn’t a secret, the businesses made it very clear.

    Yes, we need to support our local businesses, but the city also needs to find a way to encourage businesses to join our community and then stay in our community. More advertisement and a sign at the street for the business way back in the parkinglot, like Benson’s.

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