City Of Normandy Park Seeking Donations To Replace Police Motorcycle

One of Normandy Park's finest on a Harley Davidson motorcycle that needs to be replaced.

On Friday (July 15), the City of Normandy Park announced that they are seeking $6,000 in donations to help fund the replacement costs for a new police motorcycle – projected to cost $30,000.

The motorcycle in need of replacement was on lease from Harley Davidson; however, the city says that Harley is no longer leasing motorcycles to police.

“The lack of grant money and budget constraints due to the current economy leaves the City with no funds to replace the motorcycle,” reads the statement. “The City is therefore seeking donations totaling $6,000 to support the purchase of the police motorcycle.”

The city says that it has found a well maintained, used police motorcycle at a very attractive wholesale price – a fully-equipped Honda ST1300 ABS which is ready to go from a neighboring jurisdiction. To purchase this motorcycle new, along with its equipment, would cost around $30,000. The Normandy Park Police expect to get another eight years of service from this used motorcycle.

Longtime Normandy Park resident and Arts Commissioner Robert Frey has stepped forward with the first donation. In addition, he has offered to match equally all other donations, so if you are feeling civic-minded, this is a great opportunity.

“In February 2001 the Normandy Park Police created a Motorcycle Traffic Unit, which was very successful in calming the traffic complaint areas throughout the City of Normandy Park, especially in school zones,” reads the statement.

“The City appreciates your donations to help keep our neighborhoods and thoroughfares safe for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists,” reads the announcement.

“We have been without a motorcycle program for about 1.5 years and we would really like to see it come back,” added Chris L. Gaddis, Assistant Chief of Police. “This is a great opportunity and we are hoping it doesn’t slip away.”

If you are interested in helping fund the purchase of the police motorcycle please contact:

Chief Rick Kieffer
206 248-8255
[email protected]

You may also stop by the Normandy Park Police Department, located at 801 SW 174 St in Normandy Park from 9-5 M-F.

“Thank you for supporting your community!”


4 Responses to “City Of Normandy Park Seeking Donations To Replace Police Motorcycle”
  1. Brian Norton says:

    A motor cycle cop has only 1 purpose. Easy concealment to write very profitable tickets.

    I vote NO more government growth. Serve and Protect, not tax and harass.

  2. jinga says:

    No thanks. Never liked motorcycle cops.

  3. Mike says:

    Considering that a new Honda ST1300 ABS is around $18k, what kind of police options cost $12k more and it is used so it is not worth $18k to start with. Maybe the city should get a new person for purchasing. IMHO.

  4. Mark says:

    Waste of money. Writing tickets costs the City more money than they bring in due to Officers being paid overtime to go to court when people fight the ticket or it takes them off the street if they’re on duty.

    The NP Police do a great job. In a small department though, it seems a waste of resources to have a “Traffic Division”.

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