Soccer Players Will Be Going Door-To-Door For ‘Trick Or Can’ This Sunday

If you get a knock on your door this Sunday afternoon (Oct. 30th), don’t worry, it’s probably not an early trick-or-treater – it’s probably a member of the local HPFC Eagles soccer club, who are going door-to-door collecting for a local food drive.

Here’s more from member Angel Laycock:


My name is Angel Laycock and I play for a local soccer club, HPFC Eagles, and within our club we have a leadership group called the Senior Leadership Committee and our goal is to get our club involved in a lot of activities that we can do as a club for the community. Our group is lead by Maya Mendoza and it is a group of seven players who are in charge of planning events. So the reason for contacting you is that we have an event coming up called “Trick or Can,” and what we will be doing is on Sunday, October 30th between 3pm-5pm small groups of our club will be going around house to house to collect canned food and what we will do is send that canned food to three different food drives which include Highline Area Food Bank, White Center Food Bank, and West Seattle Food Bank. We will be in a couple different areas that include Normandy Park, Three Tree Point, North Admiral and a few other local locations. If you could post this event on your blog and advertise it so people can be prepared when we come around and just to get the word out. Thank you so much!

Angel Laycock

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