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Our Latest Advertiser Is Todd McKittrick For Normandy Park City Council

We’d like to welcome our latest Advertiser, Todd McKittrick, who’s running for Normandy Park City Council, Position #3.

As we do with all our Advertisers, we’re allowing Mr. McKittrick a forum to share his message:

Letter to Normandy Park Voters,

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to all of you, and answer some of the many questions I respond to daily about my campaign for Normandy Park City Council Position #3. Never in a million years would I see myself running for public office, but we badly need to bring new voices and ideas to the council, and bring business back to Normandy Park.

The “Hand Off Our Homes” slogan is my statement that over the past years the City of Normandy Park and the City Council have continued to push an agenda of unreasonably limiting private property rights throughout the city. Certainly, some changes have been mandated by the State of Washington, but developing new environmental regulations and sensitive area definitions that go far beyond the state requirements is expensive and punitive to our residents. And making crimes out of activities on your own property, punishable by a year in jail, puts Normandy Park in a class by itself.

There is also an unseen element to this effort to limit our property rights by some members of the Normandy Park city council that is going on behind the scenes. Manipulation of processes, hiding plans from the public until they can’t be stopped, and bypassing established safeguards in our democratic process are common now.

Two excellent recent examples of this are:

  • The cancellation of the October 18 public meeting on the Manhattan SubArea Plan until after the election by order of the Mayor, Shawn McEvoy, depriving our residents of badly needed answers regarding the real extent of the plans proposed by Studio Cascade, the consultants purchased with money from the King County Transfer of Development Rights program.
  • The submission of our Shoreline Inventory to the State for approval before it was seen by either the City Council or the public, a clear violation of the public trust. Incidentally, this is the document that proposes retuning the Normandy Park Cove property that many of us enjoy to a salt marsh.

There are too many more examples of this sort of sleight-of-hand to list here, but no one can believe that this is the democratic public process that we should be able to expect of our City Government. Regardless of how well-meaning the objectives, our city officials should not be hiding their actions, or stepping outside the law and established public processes to achieve them. This is what “Hands Off Our Homes” means.

Secondly, I don’t think Normandy Park should be in the development business. Instead I think it should be spending its resources to help encourage businesses to come into Normandy Park.

Really, I wish I could have two sets of campaign signs – the second slogan being “How Can Normandy Park HELP”, with the main objective of encouraging businesses to come back into Normandy Park. I would do everything I could to make sure the policies and the attitude of the City government guide its employees to a “How Can We Help You” attitude that will bring business investment back into Normandy Park.

Normandy Park’s capital reserves are a fraction of what they were in years past, but when I look for any change in direction the city has taken to adjust, I simply can’t find it. How many businesses have we coming into Normandy Park in recent years? It pales in comparison to the businesses leaving Normandy Park. Without a steady sales tax base this City will not be able to operate at the level we have grown accustomed too. We need to have a tax base that will help pay for the government without adding more general taxes on its residents. The City of Normandy Park has raised taxes for Park, Storm, and business in the past years but it still cannot manage to increase the sales tax base it desperately needs.

I hope that this helps to answer some of the questions about why I’m trying to help change the attitudes and direction of the city we all love.

Thank you for your vote on November 8.

Todd McKittrick
[email protected]

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One Response to “Our Latest Advertiser Is Todd McKittrick For Normandy Park City Council”
  1. Susan Watkins says:

    We wish to remove from the council those who are busy acting on their own ideas about how our private property can be used! Thank you, Todd for running to stop the badly timed notion of redesigning our business district without regard to market demands and owners’ wishes!

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