Salmon Returning To Miller & Walker Creeks; Count ‘Far Exceeds’ Last Year

The City of Normandy Park is reporting that salmon have been returning to Miller and Walker Creeks, with a count that “far exceeds last year’s total.”

“To date, the volunteers of the Community Salmon Investigation Team have reported seeing 209 live coho, and 44 carcasses!” reads the City Manager’s Report. “This far exceeds last year’s total coho count of 25 and only 6 carcasses.”

Salmon investigation results are now posted on the Miller-Walker salmon monitoring web page here.

The city says that results will be updated about once a week.

“Among the interesting facts the CSI volunteers have uncovered is that the pre-spawn mortality rate is only 23% (higher than a pristine stream, but much lower than some of the urban streams nearby), and the proportion of hatchery fish (as indicated by the carcass inspections) is so far 61%,” the report said. “No one has reported seeing any chum yet, but it could be any day. Last year the first chum was reported on November 7.”

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