PHOTOS: Wing Walls Installed At Sylvester Road Bridge Construction

Courtesy Brett Fish comes some new photos of Sylvester Bridge Construction, specifically on the installation of wing walls on Friday, Dec. 9th (click images to see larger version):

Carpenters construct the forms for the four wing walls and re-bar is installed.

Final preparations are made for the pour; a remote controlled pumper truck and cement truck arrive.

A sample of the mix is tested for mix specifications before the pour begins.

Approved, cement is poured into the pumper truck and delivered to the forms. A vibrator helps settle the mix into the forms.

If you’re like us and you don’t know a Wing Wall from former Burien Mayor Wing Woo, here’s some info from Wikipedia:

In a bridge, the wing walls are adjacent to the abutments and act as retaining walls.

They are generally constructed of the same material as those of abutments.

The wing walls can either be attached to the abutment or be independent of it.

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