“Extremely High Water Pressure” Reported In Normandy Park Friday

The City of Normandy Park is reporting that there may be “extremely high water pressure” – here’s the notice they sent out Friday (Jan 6) at 5 p.m.:

A resident of Normandy Park in the vicinity of Normandy Road SW recently contacted City Hall regarding extremely high water pressure in their home. Other neighbors in the same area of Normandy Park reported broken water pipes. While the City of Normandy Park has no control over water services, we want to make sure residents are aware of this potential problem before it is too late.

If you have high water pressure in your home, it can cause damage to the pipes and fittings. It can wear away the piping and can also cause water leaks due to the sheer pressure of the water. This can leave you with pipes that clang and bang, taps that drip, and can even cause your water heater to leak. Water flowing at a stronger than necessary rate to satisfy normal appliance demands can be damaging. This can reduce the life expectancy of the equipment in the system. Most important to the average homeowner, it can add to the cost of water, energy and waste water bills.

Checking your water pressure is a rather simply task and does not require a plumber. Find a store that sells plumbing supplies, an irrigation store would be ok too. Ask them for a water pressure meter. Tell them where you are hooking it up to and they will provide the right adaptors to hook up the meter. Typically, the easiest place to hook up a pressure meter is at an outside hose bib. With the water turned off, hook the meter up, turn the water on and read it. Turn the water off and detach the meter (it will leak some water out). The reading will be in P.S.I (pounds per square inch). A meter reading of 80 P.S.I. or below is within an acceptable range. If the meter reading is above 80 P.S.I., a water pressure reducer valve is needed.

Installing your own water pressure reducer valve is fairly easy with the right tools, and can save you a lot of money. However, if you install the water pressure reducer valve wrong, it may also be an expensive problem so if you are not comfortable with do-it-yourself home improvements you might be wise to call a plumber.

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