CRIME ALERT: ‘Car Prowl & Mail Theft Alert’ Issued By Normandy Park Police

On Wednesday afternoon (Jan. 11), the Normandy Park Police Department issued a ‘Car Prowl and Mail Theft’ alert for the city.

Police say that on Tuesday evening (Jan. 10), police had over a dozen Car Prowls and Theft from Mailbox reports covering a wide area in the Northern part of the City, near City Hall. There were reports of additional car prowls just outside the area as well.

“All of the cars that had items stolen were unlocked,” police said. “There were numerous cases where cars were parked next to each other and the locked cars were left alone and the unlocked cars had items stolen from inside.”

NP Police Chief Rick Kieffer also added:

Please keep your vehicles locked at all times. Stow or remove valuable items that you want to keep. Theft from vehicles can take place even when the vehicle is inside a garage.

Mail should be sent from secure US Postal Service Mailboxes or at the Post Office. Never place outgoing mail in your mailbox. Several Netflix movies were removed from mailboxes and the disk taken.

These types of crimes can lead to other crimes such as identity theft. If you believe you have a loss you can contact the Police Department for additional information.

Chief Rick Kieffer would like to remind citizens to Dial 911 if you hear or see anything suspicious happening day or night.


One Response to “CRIME ALERT: ‘Car Prowl & Mail Theft Alert’ Issued By Normandy Park Police”
  1. btowner says:

    Wow, I thought this kind of stuff only happened in my neighborhood.

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