PHOTOS: Snow & Ice Sets Back Sylvester Bridge Construction, But There’s Progress

Story & Photos by Brett Fish

The recent snow and ice days set the completion date back a bit but progress is being made – click images to see larger versions:

Sub-contractors from RBI, Rebar International, Brandon Chevalier (topside) and Brian Benton lift and position the DYWIDAG (Dew EE Dag) hydraulic ram into place to tension the bridge span cables.

There are four spans with four tendons (tubes) in each, with 22 cables running 230 feet in length. Each girder has 3,850,000 pounds of lift.

The ram stretches each bundle of 22 cables about 15 inches with 5,000 pounds of pull. A Guide plate pushes each 3-part cable seating wedge into place anchoring the cable securely against the girder face.

Each face has an injection port for grout which protects and strengthens the cables. As the cables are tensioned the bridge should arch slightly upward so the “false work” metal support structures can be removed.

Concurrently, bridge rail and curb forms are being constructed.

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