PHOTOS: ‘Grout’ Big Milestone Reached In Sylvester Road Bridge Construction

Story & Photos by Brett Fish

A big milestone was reached injecting the grout into the tendons of the bridge spans of the new Sylvester Road Bridge construction.

Next, the “end diaphrams” will be framed and poured, then curbs, railing and approaches.

We’re getting there!

Completion date estimates are coming into view, maybe the end of February to the beginning of March.

The attention to detail is impressive and problem solving has been incredible – these guys are really good.

Here are some pics – click images to see larger versions:

(Upper Left) Casey Wagner (KC) foreground and Sam Bellah of King County monitor the grout mixing process by employees from ReBar International (RBI) Tony Raybell, Brandon Chevalier and Brian Benton. 440 fifty pound bags of Sika Grout (“powdered rock”) are used to make a “special sauce” that fills the 16 bridge span tendons sealing the suspension cables adding tremendous strength to the bridge spans.

(Upper right) Sam Bellah, Field Engineer for King County makes notes and records the details.

(Lower left) Brian Benton of (RBI) tests the flow of the mixture before the hose is attached to the tendons input valves. 100 pounds of pressure pushes the mixture through and (lower right) closes the valve at the far end when the mixture comes through.

(Upper left) Tony Raybell adds just the right amount of water to the mixing vat as Brandon Chevalier brings the 50 pound bags to the mixer.

(Upper right) Tony Raybell (RBI) loads the mixer.

(Lower Left & right) Casey Wagner, Quality Control Engineer for King County takes frequent samples of the mixture testing temperature and makes several grout cubes for testing. Two days later the cubes are break compression tested for strength. Typically 5,000 pounds is reached in 2 days and 26,000 pounds in 7 days.

Here are some other photos sent to us Feb. 4, courtesy Ron Laiminger, who adds “They have a cable all tensioned and are getting ready to pour the sidewalk and guard rails” (click images to see larger versions):

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