PHOTOS: Sylvester Road Bridge Construction in Home Stretch

Story & Photos by Brett Fish

We’re really in the home stretch now completing the bridge! Friday, the approach slabs at both ends were poured, the giant support towers are being moved out from under the spans, the overhang walkways being removed and all the pedestrian barriers have been poured.

“Dry finish” work to the pedestrian barriers and pilasters is ongoing and will be finished up with a coat of paint. The final pour will be the sidewalk perhaps next week. Site clean up is on-going.

Paving to the approaches will be soon.

Estimates for completion are two weeks or less. Over 3,200 photos have been done so far.

All hands on deck: More than 30 cubic yards of concrete (3 truck loads per end) are being poured at each end of the bridge for the approach slabs. A long motorized tube scree is pulled across the pour and a powerful vibrator used to settle and flatten the “mud”. Lower left photo: Joe Ernst and Ricardo use hand tools to smooth the edges. Next week the forms will be pulled. It started raining near the end of the pours so in moments they constructed a giant tent over the work.

Overhang decks and walkways – soffits, handrails, overhang brackets and plywood decking are being removed by Gary Fleming, John Williams and fear no heights Ryan Calahan is hanging around on the job. Ryan is secured with safety straps so he can’t go far. Scary business! The lower left photo shows the final results.

Upper Left: Josh Thibeault and Jered Rockey of SB Structures just pulled the forms and inspect the last pedestrian barriers poured Thursday 3/8.

Upper Right & lower left: The giant “false work: metal support towers are slowly being pulled out from under the self-supporting bridge. The immense size dwarfs the workers.

Next week, a large crane will lift towers up and out. Very little disassembly is required.

Lower Right: Look carefully and you will see the bridge spans no longer contact the towers. When the cables were tensioned, the bridge actually arched up a bit. Huge jack screws were also shortened.

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