PHOTOS: ‘A Tale of Two Towers’ at Sylvester Road Bridge Construction

Story & Photos by Brett Fish

The Tale of Two Towers:

In spite of several mornings enduring freezing temperatures, measurable snow and flakes the size of silver dollars, absolutely drenching rain and wind gusts of 35-45 mph, the bridge team moves ahead removing the “false Work” towers from under the bridge. The bridge is totally self-supported. These guys are incredible!

Click images to see larger versions:

Upper left: Another of several snowy days at the bridge.

Upper right: The towers are slowly moved out from under the bridge spans using “come-along” like winches so the crane cables can be attached.

Lower Left: Contractor Ness Cranes Company using a 240 ton lift Grove Manufacturing Crane skillfully “flies out” each component of the giant towers.

The towers are huge and heavy but no match for the crane and crew taking them apart for shipping on giant flatbed trucks lined up 4 deep along Sylvester Road.

Lower Left: Perspective shows the re-bar has been installed for the sidewalk pour if the rain ever lets up and the size of the crane and a partial section of one tower.

Upper left: Giant support framework 24″ I-beams present a momentary challenge carefully rotating the structure so it can be “flown out” without damaging the bridge.

Lower right: The foreground towers (10th Ave.side) are completely removed. The background towers are next. They have been pre-positioned so the crane can reach them. Then, the clean up under the bridge loading “Eco-pans” with the construction debris.

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