PHOTOS: Sylvester Road Bridge Painting Is Underway

Photos & Story by Brett Fish

Final details of the Sylvester Bridge construction are being completed this week – the attenuator “crash barriers” have been installed, traffic and fog lines have been painted, and on Tuesday (April 10), the bridge painting is taking place!

Clean up and replanting under the bridge is scheduled to take place on or about May 15th, weather permitting.

Here are the latest pics, taken Monday, April 9, 2012 (click images to see larger versions):

UPPER LEFT: “TCS” Traffic Control Supervisor from Scarsella Brothers’ Julie Walker (foreground) and Tania Lobben keep traffic moving with one lane. LOWER LEFT: “Job boss” Josh Land and Justin Tooman from SBI monitor the placement of the rolling paint scaffold on the balusters.

American Coatings Jordan Johnson first does a light sand blasting to prep the concrete surface for a pigmented sealer applying a dryfall stain. The spans and baluster painting will be completed Tuesday.

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