VIDEO: Local Teen Tori Keeth Makes TV Debut in South Korean Commercial

by Scott Schaefer

A local 13-year old girl named Tori Keeth recently made her small screen debut in a new Samsung Smart TV commercial, which is airing on South Korean TV, as well as in print and digital billboards – check it out (she’s the brunette girl):

Sadly, the only way you’ll see Tori on TV is via the internet (here’s the Youtube link) – for now at least.

“Rumor has it other countries are close to picking it up to due to the popularity of the commercial,” said her Father, Dustin Keeth. “We wish her much success in following her dream. If you watch the commercial please share it, like it and put in a comment to show your support.”

This Korean commercial is her first spot, and her Dad said that she was one of four finalists for a Disney TV show, but just lost out. Tori has also been in a pilot presentation for a TLC movie that might be picked up.

Prior to this breakout gig, Tori had roles with the Hi-Liners, which definitely helped prepare her for stardom.

Tori attended Marvista Elementary School before being discovered by winning a talent contest, which lead her to Hollywood.

“She was discovered two years ago through a booth at the Puyallup Fair,” her Dad told The B-Town Blog. “She went on to win the singing competition and was sent an all-expenses paid trip to a competition in California where kids perform, sing, model, act, etc. in front of judges who are either talent agents, managers, etc.. After the competition, Tori received 25 callbacks and was picked up to be represented by both an talent agent and manager.”

Here’s Tori’s performance at a competition in LA:

Here’s her performance from the Puyallup Fair:

According to her Dad, acting and singing has been Tori’s dream “for as long as she can talk. She is currently living in LA 6-9 months a year with her Mom and getting repeated auditions and callbacks. She’s getting close to making this a career.”

What’s life like for a 13-year old girl in Hollywood? Here’s what her Dad says:

“Tori recently got to be in a few scenes for a new TV pilot that stars the cute little girl (Maggie Elisabeth Jones) from the film ‘We Bought a Zoo.’ Tori has become friends with her since moving to California, and was recently invited to be on set and camera with her last month.”

Tori’s Dad and sister travel back and forth to see the family on a regular basis, and they communicate daily via Skype.

We think we see a real star here folks, so remember the name Tori Keeth!

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