‘Group Home Task Force’ Meets to Discuss Hanbleceya Concerns

A task force consisting of Normandy Park residents, elected officials, mental health service providers and law enforcement held its first meeting on May 30th at Normandy Park City Hall to discuss concerns about new homes operated by Hanbleceya.

The group was assembled “to conduct fact-finding and develop solutions to address community concerns and questions related to group homes,” according to a statement from the city.

During the three-hour meeting, task force members identified concerns and desired outcomes.

In addition, the task force received information regarding federal, state and local laws pertaining to group homes.

The task force has identified several next steps, including scheduling a meeting with Hanbleceya representatives to obtain information about the business model and treatment provided in the community.

The Group Home Task Force is committed to moving forward with multiple actions and intends to present a report to the Normandy Park City Council during the June 12, 2012 City Council meeting, which is an open public meeting.


8 Responses to “‘Group Home Task Force’ Meets to Discuss Hanbleceya Concerns”
  1. David A. Kaempf says:

    This is great news. It sounds like the right thing is being done. Now, why couldn’t the city have done this before? Why did citizens have to raise hell before the City Manager would act?

    Also, how about listing City Council and other city meetings under the “Coming Events” heading or is that just for advertising? The city calender is available on the city website but it would be nice to have it here also…

  2. Same Old Story says:

    Simple. They are waiting for you to go away.

  3. David says:


    From the City Attorney’s FAQ and the fact that the only substantive legal next step being taken by the task force is to contact the WA State Dept. of Health, I get the idea that the main thrust of the task force is to raise the question of whether or not the Dept. should treat “commercial group homes” the same as they treat “adult family homes.” This would mean that Hanbleceya would have to obtain a license and probably pass inspections of various sorts and possibly be monitored by the Dept. of Health. As the father of a client of Hanbleceya, I can assure you that this is no threat to their operation as, despite some recent tragic events beyond the control of the organization, it is the best run facility my son has been in and probably as well run as any in the country.

  4. Same Old Story says:

    David, no disrespect meant here. But what you’re telling us is that you feel safe about your child, who apparently has special needs, being in an un-licensed, un-inspected, un-monitored home.

    Of course any tragic events were beyond their control. From your statement above, I can only presume that they weren’t there and weren’t required to be. The question of course is: Would licensing, inspecting, and monitoring the home have prevented the events? If the answer is even remotely yes, then they need to be licensed, inspected, and monitored to the extent that it would prevent any future foreseeable tragedies. Further, if such licensing, inspecting, and monitoring “is no threat to their operation,’ why are they fighting it?

  5. Justin says:

    I am a former patient of this scam. I was there for roughly 3-4 months. Due to increased strictness and lack of healthy regular food and sleep, I wound up spending about 45 days of this time homeless kick out of housing. if the homes are classified as residential that would violate several landlord tentent laws. when my family refused to pay more then they had been be fore, for services that where not being given. they brought me a packet of paper to sign. being severely disregulated I signed it. thinking that they would take me back and allow be to gather up my belongings and prepare to leave. instead they left me downtown seattle with out transportation back. once arriving there I found most of my belongings had been hastily stuffed to to trash bags and was yelled at to hurry up and pack behind the building by in employe named Simona. I was told that I was in the way and being an inconvenience. I had just returned from 3 weeks of being homeless in inadequate clothes. I had asked every day for at lest a good pair of shoes from my closet and Chris wilson one of the staff a felon for meth related crime, with plenty of other staff being on parole at the time. I was denied these shoes due to Chirs’s idea that I should “hustle” a pair for my self. This facility should be burned to the ground with the staff locked inside

  6. Lorah says:

    Like Justin, I am a former “client” of Hanbleceya. This place is degrading, demoralizing, and a downright rip off for people attempting to “get well” by Hanbleceya’s standards. My housemate had been in the program for over 20 years.
    I was threatened with homelessness one night after refusing to take one of my medications. I knew that it was causing adverse, dangerous side effects, but instead of taking that into consideration, the co-director who is not an MD, told me if I didn’t take it, I would be on the streets. Playing devil’s advocate, though this was not a psychotropic drug (the director didn’t care, he merely wanted me to take all of my pills, he didn’t even ask why I was refusing), if they did this to me, guarantee it happens to others who refuse their medications.
    As a community bystander, I would be worried if someone who needed support to the point of being in a residential community, was not able to take a medication that is supposed to help him/her. If I was homeless, I would have had no medication, no way to get shelter, all of this occurring in the late hours of the evening.
    There are people in this “Hanbleceya community” who are physically violent. I have been in the room when a client threw a chair at three clients, injuring one, traumatizing an entire room of emotionally unstable people. Please work on not only getting rid of Hanbleceya in your community, but overall as an organization. I will be glad to help in this process.

    • Lorah – very sorry to hear about another individual who had a very bad experience with Hanbleceya. Please contact Normandy Park Cares on our Facebook page or thru our email address which you can find on our page, to find some resources to lodge your complaints. We are a resource for people who share our goal to have this company regulated and operated as a humane service for severely mentally ill patients. Sans that Hanbleceya needs to start acting in a responsible manner so people such as yourself don’t feel they’ve been mistreated and ripped off. Good luck to you and we’re glad you’re free of what sounds like a very disturbing experience.

  7. David J says:

    Clients and former clients, you are not alone. I am getting in contact with Normandy Cares tomorrow, I am a survivor of Hanbleceya San Diego, there are many of us. I have seen one person complete the program in the two years I have been affiliated with them, he became a bag boy and moved back into his mom’s house. When i was there they sold us a line that this was a bridge to independence, some stay for years but most get kicked out and eventually are told not to come back. I was homeless five times, the first time for six months and the last for nine. Today I am a college student in Orange County, still arranged from my home state. I want to form a bridge between us who went though Hanbleceya San Diego and Normandy Cares. There is a way off the streets and it is not Hanbleceya.

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