City of Normandy Park Schedules Three Public Meetings on Levy Lid Lift

The City of Normandy Park announced Wednesday (July 18) that it has scheduled three public meetings to discuss the ‘Levy Lid Lift,’ a proposed tax increase that will be on the ballot in November.

Each meeting will be held at the Gymnasium at City Hall, located at 801 S.W. 174th Street, Normandy Park.

Here are the dates:

  • Thursday, August 2nd,
  • Monday, August 20th, and
  • Wednesday, September 26th

Here’s what the city’s announcement said:

The City will be holding a public meeting on August 2nd to talk about the levy lid lift, which will be brought to the voters in November.

Flyers about the topic will be provided to attendees.

This will be the first of three meetings to be held on the subject.

If you are unable to attend on August 2nd, please try to attend one of the alternate dates.


3 Responses to “City of Normandy Park Schedules Three Public Meetings on Levy Lid Lift”
  1. Had enough taxes says:

    Normandy Park wants to raise levy rates to equal neighboring areas such as Burien, but rates are only half the equation. According to the King County Assessor, average assessed value for Burien/SeaTac/Tukwila is $199,500. Average for Normandy Park is $402,700 (2012 values). So if the levy rates were equal, Normandy Park would collect roughly twice as many dollars per property as our neighbors. What does our City do that justifies needing twice as much per household? I’m guessing crime rates have nothing to do with it.

  2. Had enough taxes says:

    Additional info: My original comment and numbers came from the Assessor’s report “Characteristics-Based Market Adjustment for 2012 Assessment Roll” and the average values were based on sales for the year. I have assumed that the averages for the entire population of properties is materially consistent with that of the sales group. It’s certainly possible that Burien’s average is low due to the sale of distressed properties. It is also true that NP’s is low due to a disproportionate number of high end homes selling.

    • Mathy says:

      Burien has a lot more commercial real estate per capita than Normandy Park. That real estate pays a lot of real estate tax to city government. Also, Burien has a lot more retail sales, and collects a lot more local sales tax per capita, than Normandy Park. In general, residential areas generate net costs for government services, and commercial areas generate net revenue for government services (they pay more taxes than it costs to serve them.) Finally, there are economies of scale in government, and there are differences in service levels. Normandy Park has substantially more police per capita than Burien, and that’s part of the reason we have lower crime rates in spite of the fact we have more that could be stolen. Personally, I like the low crime rates. How about you, “had enough taxes”? Maybe you should move to Burien if you want lower tax rates.

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