MISSING: ‘Gracie,’ 2-year Old Formosan Mountain Dog, Last Seen Sunday Night

BTB Reader Inga Duncan Thornell wants everyone to be on the lookout for Gracie, a missing 2-year old Formosan Mountain Dog that was last seen heading south towards Normandy Park (click images to see larger versions):


Gracie was rescued from Taiwan and brought to the US, according to Inga.

“We were coming home late last night so a friend came over to feed and let her out in the yard,” Inga said. “Something spooked her and she leapt the 6 foot fence. She was last seen at 2nd & 142nd in Burien. We’ve been walking all over the neighborhood calling her but she hasn’t come home yet. She has tags on and she is chipped but she is so skittish that I don’t know if anyone would be able to catch her.”

If anyone hears anything or spots her anywhere, please call Inga at 206-459-6963.


3 Responses to “MISSING: ‘Gracie,’ 2-year Old Formosan Mountain Dog, Last Seen Sunday Night”
  1. Inga says:

    Thank you for posting this. She has been gone for three nights and I can’t even imagine how frightened she must be.

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