Cherie Gibson Appointed Interim City Manager by Normandy Park City Council

New Interim City Manager Cherie Gibson. Photo from her LinkedIn profile.

The Normandy Park City Council has appointed Cherie Gibson, currently the city’s Finance Director, to serve as Interim City Manager, replacing outgoing manager Doug Schulze effective Nov. 3, 2012 (read our coverage of Schulze’s new gig here).

Gibson’s proposed salary will be $9,486.40 per month, approximately $6,000 less than current annual salary paid to the city manager.

Her duties shall continue until a permanent City Manager is appointed by the Normandy Park City Council, or until Ms. Gibson’s employment as Interim City Manager is otherwise terminated.

During her employment as Interim City Manager, Gibson shall also perform the duties of the City Finance Director position, provided that Ms. Gibson, in her capacity as Interim City Manager, may obtain the assistance of a person or persons to perform some or all of the duties of the Finance Director position, whether by temporary employment or by contract, provided that the same is budgeted and approved by the City Council.

The city council will vote on Gibson’s contract at Tuesday night’s meeting.


6 Responses to “Cherie Gibson Appointed Interim City Manager by Normandy Park City Council”
  1. jenny thomas says:

    Congrats! Hope you can bring some decency to the issue with Hanbleceya. I have met several of their patients and this seems to be a reasonable program. Also met a couple of the staff – good people also. As a longtime resident i am incensed at the racist-like attitude of the NPC people. Our community is not being portrayed very favorably, because of them, and evidenced by the newest FB page – “the bigots of normandy park” which named stacia as one of the bigots. We as a community should be ashamed of ourselves.

    • NP Resident says:

      Many NP residents are proud of Stacia, Tina Orwell & NPC who have fought to successfully provide individuals with patient rights, enforcement of the landlord/tenant act, provider liability coverage & the right to have a patient advocate. These are rights that you are afforded when you access healthcare and the patients in this program should be protected with the same.

      The State of WA found Hanbleceya to be operating illegally. We should be ashamed that Hanbleceya was operating illegally in our city for over one year. You should file a complaint with DSHS if you think they are in error. As for the New FB page, it really shows the true caliber of Hanbleceya’s supporters.

      I am confident Cherie will provide a breath of fresh air so desperately needed at city hall.
      She is highly capable and surely will not allow businesses to operate illegally in the city.

  2. NP resident says:

    We are very fortunate to have Cherie Gibson as our new Interim City Manager. We look forward to her leadership and intelligence to help us through a difficult time. There are many cities that have been unfavorably affected by this horrible economic trend but we will prevail and succeed.

    It is unfortunate that we have an undercurrent of negativity in our City with several people who can never say anything positive or favorable; always looking at the dark side and trying to find something negative to say to make themselves feel large. The old adage, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything” would be appropriate.

    Cherie is not one of these people and we look forward to her optimistic and professional manner. Congratulations and the best of luck!

  3. Lisa Schulze says:

    Congrats to Cherie and The City Of Normandy Park! What a great choice as our interim City Manager. I know you will continue to do a great job for our city along with our current staff and supportive City Council. I hope that it all starts with the passing of the Levy Lid Lift and goes up hill from there for you and for the City. I wish you the best always! Lisa

  4. NP Resident says:

    $180,000 a year salary for the city manager?? No wonder we’re broke.

  5. Living on Edgecliff says:

    In listening to the council meetings I understand Ms. Gibson is only a temporary replacement. This is a good call because she does not possess the education, training or experience to be a city manager.

    I have taked to her in person and and listened to her in council meetings. She is arogant and seems to not get along well with council or citizens.

    Normandy Park needs to find someone to take over for her because she is over her head.

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