ALERT: Normandy Park Police Warning Residents About Burglaries & Car Prowls

The Normandy Park Police Department announced Tuesday (Nov. 20) that it’s warning citizens of a recent upswing in burglaries and vehicle prowls.

“This is mainly happening off of 1st Ave, but almost all areas have been hit,” reads a statement. “The Police Department has recently made an arrest in one case which may decrease the number of crimes in the future.”

The warning continues:

“We would remind citizens to not leave valuables in your vehicles and to lock doors and set alarms.

We also encourage citizens to immediately report any suspicious activity to the Police Department by calling 206-248-7600 or 911.”

The Normandy Park Police Department also issued an alert for residents to be wary of package theft.

“Every year we respond to more and more calls for package theft,” they added. “People getting packages delivered to their doorsteps are easy victims for people who participate in these types of thefts. There are a few ways you can keep from becoming a victim:

  • Have your packages delivered to your place of work.
  • Have your packages delivered to a neighbor who is more likely to be home during normal delivery times.
  • If you know a package is going to be delivered, take time off from work. A few hours of vacation is better than the loss of the package and potential identity theft.”

If you have any questions regarding these incidents you can contact Chief Gaddis at [email protected].

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