Letter from State Says Hanbleceya Investigation Ended

The Washington Department of Social and Health Services has ended its investigation and monitoring visits of Normandy Park’s Hanbleceya locations because it has “verified your assertion that the four homes are not operating as unlicensed adult family homes at this time.”

The Normandy Park Blog will follow up this story soon, but Editors felt the text of the March 7 letter – which was sent to us Friday morning (download PDF here) – should be made available to the community now:

Kerry Paulson, Managing Partner, Hanbleceya
Chris Wilson, Milieu Director, Hanbleceya
Holly A. Kessler, Attorney
C/0 Holly A. Kessler
Northgate Office Building
9750 Third Avenue NE Suite 375 Seattle, Washington 98115
March 7, 2013

Dear Mr. Paulson, Mr. Wilson and Ms. Kessler:

On September 28, 2012, I notified you of the department’s determination that your organization was violating Chapter 70.128 Revised Code of Washington by operating unlicensed adult family homes at three locations. This determination was made because your organization was providing room and board, personal care and special care to more than one unrelated person in family residences. The department subsequently determined that these services were being provided in a total of five homes in the City of Normandy Park.

In early December, after completion of a required pre-application Orientation class, Normandy Park Adult Family Home, LLC submitted an application to operate one licensed Adult Family Home at the vacant location of 20041 Third Place SW in the City of Normandy Park. At the same time, you informed the department that practices and procedures at the remaining four locations had been revised, and you provided documentation pertaining to these revisions.

Based on our on-site visits, interviews, and review of documentation related to your operation of Hanbleceya Seattle Real Estate, LLC, Seattle Business Associates, LLC and Hanbleceya Seattle Treatment Center, PLLC, we have verified your assertion that the four homes are not operating as unlicensed adult family homes at this time.

The department has concluded its investigation and monitoring visits, but continues to process the license application for Normandy Park Adult Family Home, LLC as material is provided related to the various licensure requirements.

Lori Meiori
Assistant Director Residential Care Services Division

cc: Angela Coats McCarthy, Assistant Attorney General
Linda Moss, District Administrator, Region 2
Bennetta Shoop, District 2, Unit E
David Moon, Adult Family Home Compliance Specialist
Robert McClintock, Quality Assurance Administrator, Supervisor BAAU


3 Responses to “Letter from State Says Hanbleceya Investigation Ended”
  1. Lori Malcolm says:

    As someone familiar with this case I am really happy to learn that DSHS has finally closed the investigation. I’m hopeful we as a community can now let this facility focus on treating the mentally ill people who want the help Hanbleceya aspires to provide. I’m told that DSHS found Hanbleceya to be extremely cooperative throughout their investigation and for that I say thank you Hanbleceya. I know there still remain a couple loud voices continuing to throw mud, but hopefully the rest of us can feel secure knowing our state agency did their job.

    • William Landon says:

      I agree with your words Lori. Nice to hear our state agency has finally validated the good work of Hanbleceya. It’s time we stand with Hanbleceya and put all this negativity behind us.

  2. ashley zander says:

    Yes indeed Lori, it looks like good has outlasted evil. Hope our fine city can now rest assured since the regulatory body has spoken and this treatment center is in fact in compliance. Looks like they have been in compliance all along. Makes any reasonable person wonder what NPC’s real motivation is??

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