Hanbleceya operating legally, DSHS investigation closed

by Jack Mayne

Hanbleceya’s Normandy Park treatment center is operating in compliance with Washington state law and the Washington Department of Social and Health Services investigation has been closed, as we reported from a news release published here on March 29.

Kerry Paulson, managing partner of Hanbleceya, said in a news release Tuesday (April 23) the DSHS investigation was both thorough and fair:

“DSHS was in a difficult position.” Paulson said. “Having to respond to outspoken community members yet at the same time keep in mind that the overwhelming demand from families looking for treatment solutions had to be balanced for the sake of our community at large.

“They (DSHS) asked important questions, thoroughly reviewed documents and interviewed numerous people. We were impressed with their levels of professionalism and review and are pleased with their determination that Hanbleceya is not operating – nor has it ever operated – in violation of state law.

“In conclusion we thank the residents of Normandy Park for their widespread support as we come together as a community in serving those on the path to recovery in the Pacific Northwest.”

In the letter to Hanbleceya we posted on March 29, Lori Melchiori, assistant director for residential care services, said DSHS based its decision to end the case after a “review of documentation related to your operation” had “verified your assertion that the four homes are not operating as unlicensed adult family homes.” And that a fifth home “is currently being prepared to operate as a state-licensed Adult Family Home.”

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One Response to “Hanbleceya operating legally, DSHS investigation closed”
  1. Ashley Zander says:

    I have followed this issue from a reasonable distance since the start. I am disappointed with those in the community who have treated this like a witch hunt and am relieved that the state completed their investigation with these findings. How we can treat a business attempting to help such a troubled population so disrespectfully is beyond me. I have a mentally ill relative and know how difficult she can be. I’d love to afford to use a program like this. Good work DSHS! Thanks for finding the truth.

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