Normandy Park Mayor withdraws from City Council race

by Jack Mayne

Mayor Clarke Brant has withdrawn from the race for reelection for City Council saying it is “really time to retire.”

The sole candidate in the Position 2 race now is Mike Bishoff.

Candidates for other Council vacancies are, for Position 4, incumbent Marion Yoshino and Kathleen Waters. For Position 6, Tom Munslow and Chris Coleman (incumbent John Rankin did not seek reelection).

Brant said it “has been my privilege to be able to serve on the Normandy Park City Council for two terms and to be elected mayor by the Council for the last two years.

“It has been an ‘interesting’ period and I hope my efforts have helped guide Normandy Park through serious fiscal problems and set the table for upward growth in the financial security and stability of our city,” he said in a Sunday e-mail statement.

“Many other crisis de jour seemed to come at us from many directions but with the effort of staff and the rest of the council we are moving forward. We have just concluded interviews and have three excellent finalist from which to choose and begin negotiations for our next city manager. I think by the end of my term the city will truly be in good hands and I have decided, along with my wife, that it is time to really retire.

“Working on the Council has been a period of personal growth for me; and I thank the city staff, my colleagues on the Council, the citizens who have responded so well at the polls when new revenue was urgently needed and my wife who patiently put up with all this. It is work and demands your time, Brant said.

“I wish the new candidates for November elections well and will gladly ‘pull the lever’ when I no longer have to fill out PDC declarations, voters pamphlets, read the council packages, and attend committee meeting, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Thank you all for the privilege.”

Bishoff did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Brant’s withdrawal.


One Response to “Normandy Park Mayor withdraws from City Council race”
  1. Thank you for your work Clarke. Maybe you would consider applying your experience to help the Water District No 49; it is very poorly management as you can see from the 30% increase in our Water Bills and the chaos on 8th Ave and Sylvester Road:
    Meetings are the 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month at 5pm at the Water District.

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