Mailbox vandalism continues in Normandy Park

From the Normandy Park Police Chief Facebook Page comes this update on mailbox vandalism:

There has been another run on mail box vandalism and mail theft. Our Officers were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle late Friday night (Nov. 15). The vehicle was seen hanging around a bank of mailboxes. When Officers arrived the vehicle was gone from the area. They did find multiple mailboxes broken into around Marine View Dr. We have been receiving reports over the last couple of days about this string of thefts.

The Reporting Party in this case was unable to give us a make, model or even color of the vehicle. I would like to encourage people to use their cameras on suspcious activity like this. If there is something happening around your neighborhood that makes you think about calling the police, take the extra few seconds (as long as it isn’t life threatening) and take a picture of the suspicious activity. From a person who has called the Police on suspicious activity in my own neighborhood, I know there is a lag time of when people think something is odd and when they actually call the Police. When citizens and visitors help us in fighting criminal activity, we all come out ahead.

As always, if you have any questions I would encourage you to get ahold of me. If you were a victim of last nights mail thefts, please call us so we can take a report. Thank you.

To reach the Police Department, call (206) 248-7600 or email [email protected].

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