Ribbon is cut and the new Normandy Park Market is now open






Photos by Theresa Schaefer

An enthusiastic crowd of neighbors and shoppers watched in appreciation as the opening day ribbon was cut Wednesday morning (Jan. 22) at the new Normandy Park Market.

“We’re live and kickin’!” said Paul Wilcox, owner and operator. “We earned a really, really nice approval rate from the people here today.”

“I’m very impressed with the turnout,” Wilcox said following the opening ceremony. “We are fully stocked, fully staffed and we plan to be right here for many years to come.”

Normandy Park Market is the newest neighbor at Normandy Park Towne Center.

Wilcox, a history and business management graduate of WSU, has many years of grocery experience, including an eight-year stint as Store Director of the Totem Lake Larry’s Market.

“Our goal is to provide the community of Normandy Park and surrounding areas with a market that offers traditional elements of grocery shopping, additional efforts on new dynamic product selection, strong relationships with local fresh and organic suppliers and, most importantly, maintaining an affordable pricing structure to meet the needs of of our everyday shopper,” he said.

Normandy Park Market
19900 1st Avenue South
Normandy Park, WA

Hours 5am to 10pm
Seven days a week

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6 Responses to “Ribbon is cut and the new Normandy Park Market is now open”
  1. Alyson Sharron says:

    Congratulations to Normandy Park Market on your grand opening! We are so excited to have a locally owned and operated grocery store in the community featuring organic foods. The store is beautiful and has both a wonderful selection and reasonable prices. We look forward to shopping there more!

  2. susan says:

    Was so looking forward to the new market!!!! Thought it would be like a Whole Foods Market or a Metropolitan Market…..the produce looks good but staples are priced from $1 to $3 more than QFC and Trader Joe’s….QFC has many more organics and specialty items….for now I will remain a loyal QFC shopper……

    • Thomas - Normandy Park says:

      Susan, I couldn’t disagree more on the price comparison with QFC and TJ’s.

      Today I visited for the first time on a lark. I figured prices would be like Whole Foods or PCC.

      In a word, I was shocked the prices weren’t higher.

      The staples I saw, and walked out with, were lower across the board. Chips, bread, milk.

      I’ve always bought my produce at TJs and QFC. However, nearly ALL of TJs organic produce comes from Mexico, or further. All the research I’ve read said you’re better off eating pesticide produce grown locally vs organics that are imported. Regardless, I’ve still went the organic route.

      I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the price of the organic produce I bought today. I was all the same, or less, than both QFC and TJs. This includes: organic: bunch carrots, celery, cucumbers (about $.80/each cheaper than QFC and $1.10 less than TJs), spinach, beets (same price as QFC), gala apples (less than QFC). I could go on.

      I’m ecstatic to get locally grown, organic produce, for these prices.

  3. Will says:

    Love the new market! The meat and produce are fantastic (the most important items to me,) as is the customer service of the people that work there.

  4. 4498255 says:

    PCC and Whole Foods won’t come in because the median income in the surrounding areas is too low, i.e. Normandy Park – Burien – Des Moines. That’s a result of the Highline School District’s high dropout rate and failure to send enough grads to college. Even if they do go to college, they aren’t prepared. So if and when they settle back into the area, they’re not making enough money for the larger chains like PCC to come to town. The result is lots of independently owned chains such as Normandy Park Market. The people can decide if they want the problems with the district to continue or if they wish to fix the problems. I wish this new market the very best. They could even have more customers, through the forthcoming years, if the residents decide to do something about the Highline District’s problems. I sure hope that they will. I wasn’t prepared for college, and had to work very hard due in college, due to the many shortcomings of the teaching staff at MRHS.

  5. Claire says:

    Love the normandy park market!! Never go to QFC anymore.
    Clean.. Friendly.. Good prices and amazing produce department 🙂

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