Normandy Park crime generally down, arrests and service calls up


by Jack Mayne

Burglaries and assaults were down in Normandy Park last year over 2012, Police Chief Chris Gaddis told the City Council Tuesday night.

Increases were logged for the number of calls for service, up 56 percent over 2012 and criminal traffic offenses up 35 percent, from 100 to 135, Gaddis reported.

“I am very proud of the year our employees had in 2013,” Gaddis told the Council. “We continued to be down two (full-time equivalent’s), we had budget cuts and vehicle breakdowns to deal with and we still came in at budget.

“Also, almost all of our stats came in going the right direction. Those we like to see go down went down and those we want to see go up did so as well.”

The biggest decreases were in crime rates included assaults down 40 percent from 30 in 2012 to 18 last year; residential burglaries down from 60 to 39 or 35 percent and commercial burglaries way down from 11 in 2012 to only one last year, a 91 percent decrease.

Other decreases included a 46 percent decline in thefts, from 177 to 95; malicious mischief down 13 percent from 63 reported to 55 and vehicle prowls down 41 percent (91 in 2012 to 54 in 2013.

But there were increases in some crime categories. DUI’s were up 48 percent (27 to 40 last year) and felony arrests up 63 percent from 19 to 31 last year. Misdemeanor arrests were up from 73 in 2012 to 98 last year.

Gaddis said the number of traffic stops made by his 12 officers and 10 volunteers went way up, from 1,049 to 1,590 last year.

The chief noted the Fife Police Department provides the dispatch service for Normandy Park Police Department.

“We reached a total of 6,427 computer aided dispatch numbers last year. This is up from 4,107 in 2012.”

Gaddis said he hoped that people in the community see more than a patrol car going by.

“I am hoping to bolster the relationship between the citizens and visitors of Normandy Park and their officers. It is my goal that you don’t just see a Normandy Park patrol car the next time one drives by you. I hope that you know it is Officer Hedrick that just drove by. That in late 2013, he assisted the Duvall Police Department with a shooting as a member of the Major Crimes Task Force and his investigation led to the confession of both suspects.”

To download a PDF of Gaddis’ report, click here.


One Response to “Normandy Park crime generally down, arrests and service calls up”
  1. Dustin Keeth says:

    I am surprised there was 30 assaults in “1012” figured the people of Normandy Park lived further apart so it would be kinda hard to assault someone. You learn something new everyday.

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