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UPDATE: UPS Store in Normandy Park closes unexpectedly

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UPDATE Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014: Mail was being handed out to customers at The UPS Store in Normandy Park on Tuesday by Gloriana Morine, who hopes to take over this facility once the dust settles on the current owners’ sudden and unexpected closing.

Morine was on hand, along with UPS Store representative Steve Delehoy Tuesday afternoon.

“Tell people not to panic,” she told us. “I hope to take this store over and I promise we’ll have much better customer service.”


The UPS Store located in the Manhattan Village Shopping Center (17837 1st Ave South) in Normandy Park was closed suddenly – and without warning – Monday morning, Feb. 24, leaving numerous customers unhappy that they couldn’t access their P.O. Boxes or other services.

The doors were locked, the windows had been covered in paper, and signs were posted on the door alerting customers to the closure.

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But it was such a sudden closure that even the landlord of the property couldn’t get inside.

“The owner changed the locks yesterday,” property owner Steve Nordby told us. “But she was a challenging tenant for a long long time, so I’m not disappointed she left.”

Nordby referred to the owner as “absentee,” mentioning that she spent several months a year in Phoenix, AZ.

He also said she was continually 3-4 months behind on her rent.

“I’m excited that someone else may soon be taking this store over,” Nordby added.

UPS Store District Consultant Steve Delehoy was also on site, answering questions as best he could.

Signage posted on the door read:

“We sincerely regret the inconvenience that this has caused you and encourage you to continue doing business with the other The UPS Store locations in the area. For all other questions, please contact Steve Delahoy, District Consultant, 206 718 4029.

For mail receiving customers who have not been in contact with the Center or have not made other arrangements, arrangements are being made to either hold your mail for pick up at the local Post Office or forward to one of the centers listed above. We will provide this information as soon as possible.”

We understand that the owner of this store may have also suddenly closed her other branch in Redondo.